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Naan Bread Pizzas

    • Assemble time 5 minutes
    • Bake Time 8 minutes +/-
      depending on baking method
    • Yields 1 Naan Pizza

    Margherita for the Kids!


    I have been working on ideas to launch for a new Golden Hour Happy Hour at Karma Beach. Driven to create something tasty, fun and fast for guests to enjoy alongside of Kariana’s wonderful cocktail specials. These Naan bread pizzas will be perfect!

    Unfortunately, I don’t have a pizza oven at my house. No worries, I baked these right on top of my BBQ grill and they are perfect for a movie night at home!


    In addition to not having a pizza oven at my home, I also don’t have a tandoori oven to make the Naan bread from scratch.

    For the following recipes, I used a high-quality frozen Naan bread that I purchased at the grocery store. For the home it’s fine, because pizza night should be easy and fast to whip up for the family!

    Keeping that in mind, you can also save time by using a store-bought marinara sauce for your base, however I have included my marinara recipe if you would like to make it from scratch!

    Cooking Options:

    If you have a pizza stone for your oven, that may be the best way to cook the pizzas. I would follow the oven setting directions that are recommended by the manufacturer of the pizza stone.

    I used my gas barbecue. I like this method because it gives an open fire flavor to the crust.

    Once you have prepped all of the ingredients for your pizzas and are ready to assemble, pre-heat your barbecue to the highest settings and keep the lid closed.

    Place the composed Naan bread pizzas directly over the heat elements on the barbecue. Once they begin to crisp up, move them to in between the heat elements to finish the cooking. It is important to keep the lid closed during the cooking process, so the tops of the pizzas cook while the bottom of the dough crisps up!

    Assembly Quantities:

    I am using a naan bread which is 70 grams each. Depending on the size of the bread the quantities will vary. Keep in mind not to overload your pizzas with toppings. These are meant to be light, crisp and packed with flavor!

    Sub recipes to follow assemble recipes.
    Naan Bread Margherita Pizza

    • 1 each
    • 30-40 grams
    • 25 grams
    • 4 each. (8 halves)
    • Pinch
    • Pinch
    • Garnish
    • On a “frozen” Naan bread evenly spoon the marinara in the center of the bread spreading it out evenly leaving a 2-3cm crust on the edge.
    • Evenly sprinkle the cheese on top of the marinara.
    • Scatter the cherry tomatoes on top of the cheese.
    • Season with salt and pepper.
    • Place in oven or on barbecue grill until crisp and cheese is melted.
    • Remove from the barbecue/ oven. Let cool for 1 minute.
    • Cut into four pieces like a pie.
    • Place on serving dish and garnish with basil leaves- enjoy!
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